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ONE Boise State (Orientation for New Employees)

ONE Boise State New Employee OrientationHuman Resources Learning & Organizational Development team has created a New Employee Orientation program to include the following programs and resources:
ONE – Boise State (Orientation New Employee)
Manager First 90 Days – a self-paced program for new leaders
Five Steps to Successful Onboarding – a program designed for leaders to jumpstart a successful orientation and onboarding experience for new faculty and staff.

The goal of an Onboarding program for new employees is to welcome new employees to the Boise State community by introducing them to the university and resources that will prepare them for success in their role and help them understand the positive value and impact that their work has on the community and its students.

Free Workshop

  • June 17, 2019
    8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Facilitators: Kip Spittle and Katie Thomas
Welcome to Boise State! Becoming part of the team starts right away. That’s why you are encouraged to register and be a part of ONE – Boise State (Orientation New Employee) for all new Boise State personnel. This 3.5 hour orientation program (depending on department) will take a closer look at the onboarding processes you are about to experience. We will discuss various topics ranging from culture, shared values, branding and everyday essentials like payroll, benefits and holiday schedules.

We recommend that you register for a date that is on or after your initial start date (yet as close to your start as possible). Remember to share this orientation commitment with your new supervisor.

PLEASE NOTE: All registrants are required to attend the 8:30 a.m.-noon session. Additionally, all new employees to the Campus Operations Division are will also be attending a 1-4 p.m. session and will receive a calendar invite for the event.


Venue Phone: 208.426.1616

1490 University Dr., PNRH, room 102, Boise, ID - Idaho, 83725, United States