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Student-Centered Service Standards

Supporting Student Success

Student-Centered Service Standards are guided by the principle of Comprehensive Responsiveness:

  1. Acknowledging the student’s presence and treating the student as an individual
  2. Partnering with the student to solve concerns
  3. Sharing responsibility for decisions, actions and follow up
Standards that Support Comprehensive Responsiveness


  • Reducing repeat interactions by listening, asking the right questions, ensuring accuracy, resolving issues completely, and following up when promised
  • Responding to requests in a timely manner and by taking care of issues or needs in area of influence
  • Referring appropriately as needed and following up to ensure service satisfaction

Listening and Clear Communication

  • Gaining a shared understanding of the issue/problem
  • Checking for clarity and understanding
  • Summarizing, following up, and documenting

Empathy and Conflict Management

  • Being approachable, patient and present
  • Showing concern for the student and a willingness to help
  • Apologizing without implicating blame

Respect and Inclusive Practices

  • Demonstrating respect and a positive attitude towards students and co-workers
  • Honoring and accepting people with diverse opinions and backgrounds
  • Respecting the privacy of others, not gossiping or passing information of a confidential nature