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Student Success Strategic Project Overview

University strategic planning efforts resulted in a slate of campus wide projects. One project was sponsored by Dr. Lisa Harris, Vice President for Student Affairs. A Task-force Committee was led by Dr. Sharon McGuire and Dr. Leslie Webb. The Committee reviewed data collected from the National Study of Student Engagement and determined actions that the university can adopt to make a difference in student success.

(NSSE) data indicated that compared to peer institutions, some students do not feel supported academically or socially and do not engage in many faculty or staff interactions. A common complaint and experience that contributes to students feeling they do not matter and are “getting the runaround.”

Based on these results, the University adopted and implemented a “Student-Centered Service” model to positively impact and contributes toward improved student satisfaction. To understand and ultimately foster a shared responsibility for student success, a culture shift which includes “employee engagement” is critical. Service standards are required to provide the level of customer service necessary for student support and success.
To support this effort, several resources have been developed:

  • Student-Centered Service Standards – customer service standards for staff members and managers who have a high level of student interaction
  • Student-Centered Service Rubric – aligned for customer service performance evaluation
  • Student-Centered Service Training – designed for front line staff members who have a high level of student interaction
  • Managing and Coaching Student-Centered Service Training – designed for managers of front line staff members who have a high level of student interaction. Resources and additional information is provided here in the Manager’s Toolkit

Student-Centered Service Standards include:

  • Comprehensive Responsiveness
  • Listening and Clear Communication
  • Empathy and Conflict Management
  • Respect and Inclusive Practices

Training will be scheduled from Human Resource Services, Learning and Development beginning in February 2015.

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Opportunities for train the trainer sessions are also scheduled to insure that the campus community is poised to provide on-going training and support to adopt these standards.