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Shared Values and Standards of Conduct Overview


The foundation of how we conduct our business at Boise State University is in our Shared Values and Standards of Conduct – supervision is no exception!  In this section of the Manager’s Toolkit we will explore Boise State University’s Shared Values and Standards of Conduct, what the University expects of us as supervisors, and how that translates to what we expect from our employees.

The topics in this section of the toolkit will provide you with the resources to help you successfully manage your staff.  For assistance with any of these issues or any employee relations issue, contact a Human Resource Service Employee Relations Specialist at 426-1616.

Creating a Respectful Workplace:

Boise State is committed to creating a civic and ethical environment of integrity. This includes personal responsibility, social development, educational excellence, and civic engagement. As Boise State University management it is critical that we create a respectful workplace that correlates with the Universities standards and values. President Dr. Bob Kustra states, “…the way we act impacts Boise State with employees, students, public officials, the community and citizens of Idaho. In Short, our reputation is critical to our success and our actions determine what that reputation will be.”

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Shared Values

Boise State University is committed to personal and social development, educational excellence, and civic engagement. Membership in the campus community is a privilege and requires its members to conduct themselves ethically with integrity and civility. Campus community members enjoy the same rights and freedoms that all U.S. citizens enjoy, including personal responsibility for one’s own conduct, behavior and speech.

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Standards of Conduct

The Standards of Conduct apply to all members of the University community including faculty and other academic personnel, staff, students, volunteers, contractors, and agents. In addition, these Standards apply to all University affiliated organizations. These standards of conduct highlight key Idaho statutes, Idaho State Board of Education rules and policies and University policies and procedures. Please refer to the appropriate statutes or policies for greater detail. Laws and policies do not need to forbid an action for it to be wrong. Our statement of values should guide you in how the decision you make affects others and how those decisions reflect on you and the University. In general, do the right thing!

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