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Managing Employees

teamHandsAs a manager, you have the responsibility to effectively manage the people on your staff. It is important that you communicate effectively and set expectations so you can achieve your overall goals. Remember to take the time to talk regularly with your staff both collectively and individually. Periodically, however, work-related issues may arise with members of your staff. It is best if you address and resolve these issues in a timely and professional manner before they escalate to a performance issue.

The topics in this section of the toolkit will provide you with the resources to help you successfully manage your staff.  For assistance with any of these issues or any employee relations issue, contact a Human Resource Service Employee Relations Specialist at 426-1616.

Appropriate Attire and Personal Neatness

If you manage employees, chances are you may need to have a conversation about inappropriate dress or hygiene. How would you approach the employee who shows off his/her excessive tattoos and piercings? These behaviors beg for responsible feedback and as a manager, you must be skilled in tackling these difficult conversations.

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Leadership Vs. Management 

In order to be an exceptional manger it is beneficial to know what kind of leader you are, however, first recognize that manager and leader are two completely different roles, although the words are often used interchangeably. Managers facilitate team members’ success by providing them with the tools and resources needed to encourage productivity and success. Leaders can be any member of a team, regardless of title or authority.

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 Promoting a Healthy Workplace

Boise State University is committed to ongoing health and wellness and has a number of health services available to employees. The benefits to making wellness a part of work include: improved physical health, mental health, attitudes toward work, teamwork, productivity, retention, nutrition, and stress reduction. There are several things that managers can do to promote a healthy workplace.

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