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Developing Employees

people developmentAs a manager, one of your primary duties is to develop your employees. After all, they are your most valuable resource. Crucial to developing your employees is talking with them. This may include goal setting, giving assignments, giving and receiving feedback, etc. Talking with your employees gives you, the manager, the opportunity to listen, teach, correct, inspire, and motivate your employee(s).

Remember two long-term consequences can occur when you fail to develop your staff: turnover and skill deficiency. Your best people may leave while those who remain may become disengaged. The tools in this section of the manager’s toolkit will help you develop your employees by providing you with resources to help you encourage your employees’ growth and career development.

Presentation Skills for Managers

Presentation skills are a great asset to add to your manager’s toolkit. The most successful presenters are able to present information in an accurate, brief, and clear manner. Studies have shown that the adult attention span is about twenty minutes. In order for an adult audience to retain information from a presentation it must be brief, clear, and concise.

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Employee Recognition and Engagement

Genuine recognition of performance is something people really appreciate. The Employee Recognition and Engagement tools are designed to promote employee motivation, communication, innovation, respect, and teamwork through the recognition of faculty and staff in helping Boise State University achieve its goal of becoming a metropolitan research university of distinction.

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