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Non-Tenure Track Faculty – Boise State Way of Hiring

Before You Begin

  • Obtain approval from the Division/College’s authorized approver.
  • Each college will submit position for Provost approval, as needed.
  • Confirm internally within your Department there is an existing PCN.
  • E-mail HR Compensation ( to request new PCN(s).
  • Confirm with the Budget Office that there are allocated funds to support the vacant position.

Helpful resources for this step:

Faculty Descriptions (pdf)   |   Position Definitions Policy

Recruitment Strategy

  • Work with your Talent Acquisition Specialist to build a recruiting strategy- Select search committee, advertising needs, and open/close dates for posting.
  • Determine screening questions for minimum and preferred qualifications.
  • Identify training needs (Taleo and/or Search Committee).
  • Create the requisition.

Helpful resources for this step:

Recruitment Strategy Template (docx)   |   Job Announcement Template (doc)   |   Search Committee Training Registration   |   How to Create a Requisition (pdf)

Online Posting

  • Talent Acquisition will create the job posting based on the job description provided. Standard posting sites include: Boise State Career site, HigherEd Jobs, Idaho Department of Labor, Social Media, Diversity sites.
  • Departments can post the job to discipline specific professional organizations as needed.
  • Additional posting sites are available with costs paid by department.

Narrow Candidate Pool

  • Initial Screening – Talent Acquisition will screen applicants for minimum qualifications and release qualified applicants to the Search Committee to review application materials.
  • Candidates marked as Interview Required must be offered an interview if they meet the minimum requirements.
  • Select interview questions from approved bank. If you want to add additional questions, please submit them to your Talent Acquisition Specialist prior to conducting the interview.
  • Interviewing Candidates – Complete the Candidate Screening Record (CSR) to identify candidates you wish to consider for interviews.
  • Interview questions and notes will need to be sent to Talent Acquisition at the conclusion of the search.

Candidate Screening Record (xlsx)   |   Tips for Conducting Interviews (pdf)   |   Interview Question Guide and Bank (pdf)   |  Faculty Feedback Form (pdf)

Confirm Your Selection

  • Recommendation Letters/Reference Checks – You must conduct reference checks on all regular full/part time positions and temporary positions.
  • Provide selection statement and candidate materials to Dean for approval.
  • Conditional Verbal Offer – Confirm with Talent Acquisition the amount you are planning to offer, as well as additional terms for the offer (i.e. moving expenses, start-up funds, credit toward tenure, etc.). Extend verbal offer contingent upon background check and satisfactory reference checks. Talent Acquisition will create a written offer letter to send to the candidate.
  • Background Check – Notify Talent Acquisition of candidate’s verbal offer acceptance to initiate background check and degree verification. No notifications will be sent to other candidates at this time. If a background check comes back unsuccessful, Talent Acquisition will contact you to determine next steps.
  • If your selected candidate needs a Visa, contact the Center for Global Education.

Helpful resources for this step

Conditional Verbal Offer Tips (pdf)   |    Total Rewards Benefits (pdf)  | Lecturer Compensation (pdf)
Adjunct Compensation (pdf)   |  Relocation Guidelines

Offer Acceptance and Onboarding

  • Offer Acceptance – Upon successful completion of a background check and degree verification, Talent Acquisition will confirm start date.
  • Submit recruitment materials – Talent Acquisition will contact the department to collect the following:
    • Completed Candidate Screening Record (CSR)
    • Interview Questions and Notes
    • Recommendation letters/Reference checks
    • Any additional screening and interview materials
  • Talent Acquisition will notify all remaining candidates the position has been filled
  • Talent Acquisition will file all search related materials

Helpful resources for this step

New Employee Checklist