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How to Hire Students

Student Employment

Announcement (Bronco Jobs)

Before you announce your position:
Review Section VI of Policy 7000 to understand the definitions of a student employee.
Review On-Campus Student Employment Guidelines.
Review Student Employment Handbook for Supervisors.
To determine the type of position you will be hiring and the compensation schedule, review Student Employment Classification Schedule and Student Employment Compensation Schedule.

If you will be hiring a graduate student whose pay and tuition will be funded through an Assistantship award, please contact the Graduate College to coordinate this process.
If you will be hiring a Work Study Student, please ensure the student has been awarded work study funds and that your department has a work study allocation. For more information, please visit the Work Study Resource Site.
Post your position on BroncoJobs. If you have any questions about posting positions on BroncoJobs please contact the Career Center at 6-1747.
Background Checks
Background checks are required for all student hires meeting the conditions stated in section II.A.3. of the Background Investigations Policy #7005. The electronic form that is used for hiring students includes a background check section. If the student’s employment meets any of the policy conditions listed in that section, Employment Services will automatically be prompted to initiate the appropriate background check(s) for that student.

Interview/Select Candidate

In preparation for interviews:
Distribute Conducting a Lawful Employment Interview to all individuals involved in the interview process. This is REQUIRED prior to screening or interviewing any applicant.
If you would like interview question examples, Click Here to access the Guide to Interview Questions.

Candidate Selection:

  1. Review Student Employment Handbook for Supervisors.
  2. Selection cannot be based on race, gender, age sex, religion, veterans status, physical and mental ability, genetic information, and national origin.
  3. Review the Student Employment Compensation Schedule to determine the appropriate hourly wage. All employees must be paid at least the current Federal minimum wage.
    All student employees will be required to report time for all hours worked. Only select jobs can be paid other than hourly.
  4. Check with candidate to determine whether or not they are working in, or intend to work in, other appointments on campus to understand any potential exposures to overtime or future benefits eligibility.
  5. An employee background check will be required if the student’s employment meets any of the conditions listed in section II.A.3. of the Background Investigations Policy #7005. The electronic form that is used for hiring students includes a background check section where it can quickly be determined if the student’s employment will meet any of those conditions. If a background check is required, Employment Services will automatically be prompted to initiate the appropriate check(s) for that student. Please keep in mind:
    • any written or verbal offer of employment must be made contingent upon the successful completion of a background check per University policy.
    • when a background check is required, you will be informed within 3 to 5 business days whether, based on the results of the background investigation, an offer of employment can be made/finalized and the candidate hired.
  6. Ensure the selected candidate visits Human Resource Services to complete an I-9 if required. Federal regulations mandate proof of employment eligibility. All employees must have a current Form I-9 on file on or before their first day of work.
  7. If the student will be working at an out of state location, consideration will need to be given to Telecommute Requirements.

Hire Student Employee

Please click on the appropriate student type below for instructions on how to complete each hire. If you have any questions about student hiring procedures, please contact your dedicated HR Processing representative.


  • All changes to student employment information are now initiated through the Student Employment Change Form
  • With few exceptions, lump sum and stipend payments are not permitted for undergraduate student employees.
  • To comply with current laws and policies such as the I-9 requirement and background check policy, the student hiring process must be completed for ALL student employees prior to their first day of work.
  • If you are hiring a Student Government (ASBSU) employee, a Student Note Taker via the Disability Resource Center, or a Student Participant in the NSF Undergrad Research Experience Program, you MUST use the Substitute W-9/Direct Deposit Form and Instructions. Please contact Accounts Payable if you have any questions.

Student Hire FAQs

Hiring Form FAQs

How does the new hiring form calculate whether a student is eligible for student employment?

The form bases its eligibility calculation on the date the student will begin work. The student will be found eligible for work if their start date falls in an academic period where the student either a) has an active enrollment status or b) is enrolled in the minimum number of credits (5 for graduates, 6 for undergraduates).

How are I-9’s handled with this new form?

A completed I-9 federal work eligibility form is required for all student employees. The new form has built-in functionality that will enable the system to check the student’s I-9 status. If they do not have a current I-9 on file, a notification will automatically be emailed to both the student and the supervisor, providing instructions for how to complete this task on or before the student’s first day of work.

What kinds of notifications are generated when the hiring form is submitted?

The person who initiated the request form will always be emailed a copy of what they submitted and the first approver and any subsequent approvers in the approval chain will be notified that they must either approve or deny a hiring request. If a background check is required for the student, Employment Services (HRS) will also receive a notification. If the student does not have a current I-9 on file, both the student and the supervisor receive a notification requiring the student to complete the I-9.

Can you use the new form to hire Graduate Assistants?

Yes, but if you’re hiring a graduate student whose tuition and pay will be funded through an assistantship through the Graduate College, you MUST use the Electronic EAF, not the new form.

I notice the form asks for a backup funding source when I’m hiring work study students. Will the system automatically switch to that backup funding source once work study funds run out?

No. You will need to submit a separate request asking to have your student employee’s funding source changed. Complete the Student Employment Change Form. Upon submitting the form, a summary of your request information will be forwarded via email to Personnel Processing.

Approval Workflow FAQs

Who do I contact if I need help filling out the form?

Contact the Payroll and Personnel Processing department in the Human Resources office. The number for Payroll is 6-4440 and HR Processing is 6-4436

What if I need help with a stuck workflow transaction in the candidate hire process or with delegating approval to someone?

Contact Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) at if you need assistance with this or call 6-1616

What can I do if I need to cancel a hiring request that has already been approved by all in the approval chain?

Use the Student Employment Change Form to initiate a termination request. Contact Payroll and Personnel Processing if you need additional assistance with this. The number for Payroll is 6-4440 and HR Processing is 6-4436

What happens if my hiring request is denied by someone in the approval chain?

If an approver chooses to deny a request, the person who initiated the form will receive a notification that their request was denied and why. They then have the option to resubmit the request, or they can cancel it altogether. A denied request must always start back at the beginning, with the initiator.

Can I add additional approvers to the new form’s workflow process?

Yes. You are able to add two additional approvers in the workflow. Any additional approvers added in the workflow will be the first approvers in the workflow chain. Remember, however, that by adding additional approvers, you are adding more time to the approval process.

Student Employment FAQs

Are background checks required for students?

They are required for any student whose job will meet any of the conditions set forth in Policy 7005

What are the eligibility requirements for students hired in the summer?

For a student to be eligible for student employment in the summer months they must have an active enrollment status for the Fall semester and enrolled in the minimum number of credits for the Fall semester. Students who are in their final semester of a degree program must be registered for all required classes for program completion.

Why is an end date required now for all student employee hires?

Requiring an end date will enable PeopleSoft to generate a notification advising supervisors that their student’s employment is about to end. If the supervisor does not request to extend the student’s end date at that time, the system will auto-terminate the student’s employment on that end date. Any future end date can be entered into this field in the Hire New Candidate (Student) form.

Can a student hire another student?

Not without the proper security permissions. Please contact Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) for more information at