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How to Recruit and Hire Classified Staff


Consultations with Talent Acquisition are available.

Information for Hiring Managers – What you need to know!

  1. New position/existing position Complete the Compensation and Classification Form to request a classification and compensation review for a new position, reclassify an existing position, or make changes to an existing job description.
  2. Job description
    • Talent Acquisition will discuss the current job description and potential or necessary updates. In addition, we will help outline effective screening questions that may be utilized in the State Applicant Tracking System.
  3. Create/refill/change
  4. Regular/Temporary
  5. Business Needs/Goals/Department Strategy
    • Talent Acquisition will take the time to talk with you and learn about what’s going on in your department. With a good understanding of your current goals and business needs, Talent Acquisition will be able to offer sound advice and collaboration in the creation of an effective recruitment strategy.
  6. Search Committee members
    Talent Acquisition will discuss with the Hiring Manager how to create and manage a search committee.
  7. Recruitment Options
    • Open competitive – anyone may apply.
    • Agency promotional – only classified employees at Boise State University may apply.
    • Reinstatement – individuals that have prior state service and are eligible to be considered for a position.
    • Transfer – individuals that are current State employees and are eligible to be considered for the position.
  8. Length of time a position is posted.
  9. Prove It Exams
    • As an employer of the State of Idaho we have access to a host of exams we can use during the application or interview process. Visit for a list of exams available.
  10. Interview
    • Talent Acquisition can assist the Hiring Manager with the creation of interview questions. There may be opportunity to determine how the interview questions can be designed and created as screening questions.
  11. Boise State University is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all employees and qualified applicants. A full recruiting effort is required when filling most positions, however there are limited circumstances in which a recruitment waiver may be considered:
    • Temporary Emergency Hire
    • Special Skills:
      • Distinguished or Named Professors or Endowed Chairs
      • Research Associates named in grant applications not currently employed at Boise State
      • Associate or Assistant Head Coaches recruited concurrently with the public recruitment of a new Head Coach
      • Opportunity hire – Candidate’s many qualifications and anticipated contributions are expected to advance the university’s priority mission-driven goals
    • Internal Promotion
    • Reinstatement
    • Campus Search Only

    To request a recruitment waiver please visit the Office of Institutional Compliance.

1) Submit Request

The Hiring Manager will log in to Taleo and create a requisition which acts as the central approval document that initiates the recruitment process. The job announcement content and screening questions will automatically integrate into the requisition. Once the requisition has been submitted, Talent Acquisition will initiate the approval workflow. The Hiring Manager can view the status/progress of the approval process at any time by logging into Taleo and viewing the requisition “Approval” section. Once the requisition is approved, the Hiring Manager will be notified and the job announcements will be posted by Talent Acquisition.
Click Here to view a brief video describing the process of creating requisitions.
Transcript of Creating and Submitting a Requisition in Taleo video

2) Post Job Announcement

Once the request is approved, Talent Acquisition will ensure the announcement is posted.

The Careers website will have a list of classified job postings that directly link the applicant to the Division of Human Resources (DHR) website where the applicant can create a profile, apply for the position and complete the necessary exam associated with the position. The job announcement will also be posted to the Idaho Department of Labor.

The Hiring Manager will also be able to post to those sites, listservs, etc., that are specific to the discipline of the position if appropriate.

3) Candidate Selection

Talent Acquisition will ensure exams are graded or assigned to an individual to grade. Once all exams are graded the hiring list will be provided to the Hiring Manager to conduct an initial review of each candidate and determine who will receive an interview. The Hiring Manager will coordinate the interview process with the Search Committee Members and disposition each applicant using Taleo’s status-based rating system.

Click here to view a brief video describing how to manage candidates in Taleo.

Click here to view a brief video describing how to manage candidates in the interview phase.

Information for Hiring Managers – What you need to know!

  • Review Idaho Department of Labor’s Guide to Lawful Applications and Interviews
  • Your Talent Acquisition Specialist/Recruiter will provide the hiring list to the Hiring Manager and Search Committee. Once candidates have been reviewed and you have determined who you would like to interview, contact your Talent Acquisition Specialist/Recruiter. The resumes for those candidates will be uploaded to Taleo where they can update their new profile. Candidates will be managed through Taleo from that point forward to benefit from the automation that Taleo provides.
  • Your Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Specialist can also offer assistance with interview questions or you can visit our website for support.

Conduct Reference Checks
Reference checks can be conducted prior to bringing candidates to campus or once the final candidate has been selected. We recommend at least three (3) professional reference checks are completed for each candidate coming to campus or the final candidate. Click here for a reference check guide with a list of questions to ask the candidate’s references.

Taleo instructions

  • Interview Candidates Taleo Instructions
    • Login to Taleo
    • Find your requisition, then click on the number to the left of the requisition title (this shows the number of candidates attached to this requisition)
    • Click on the candidate name link
    • Go to ‘More Actions’ and ‘Change Step/Status’
    • Move the candidate through the interview steps, as required
    • If candidate has passed reviews, change the step to ‘Interviews’ and status to ‘Passed Interviews’
    • For all other candidates to keep in the pool until the primary candidate is hired, change the step to ‘Interviews’ and status to ‘Under Consideration’
    • Candidates that the Hiring Manager does not intend to consider will be rejected and sent correspondence indicating they have not been selected to interview for the position.

4) Make Offer

A tentative offer letter will be prepared inside of Taleo and workflow will be assigned for offer approval. Once approval is received, the Hiring Manager will move forward with the verbal offer. When the candidate has accepted the offer, the contingent offer letter will be sent to the candidate.

Information for Hiring Managers – What you need to know!

  1. Pre-offer consultation
    • The Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Specialist will consult with the Hiring Manager to determine the following:
      • What salary will be offered to start?
      • What is the maximum the department will go to and do they have the funds to cover?
      • Is it outside of range
        • If so, how far?
      • Start-up funds or additional funds outside of salary?
      • Relocation?
        • TAS provides max allowed
      • Start date outside of regular faculty dates?
      • Are there any additional terms and conditions regarding degree completions and/or verifications, teaching, research, and service expectations, and other information unique to the individual, department, or college?
      • Credit toward tenure?
      • Selection statement
    • The Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Specialist will complete the necessary information to initiate a tentative offer letter and route for approval to:
      • Director
      • AVP
      • Budget
      • Approval by VP & President (prior to offer going to Budget) will be required for:
        • Offers for positions at Director level and above
        • Offers exceeding $100,000/year
        • Offers exceeding the target hiring salary by 10% or more
    • Approvers will receive an email that contains:
      • Opportunity to approve/deny and provide comments
      • Check box to send approver an email with their decision
      • Link to the tentative offer letter
      • Link to the original requisition
      • Link to the candidate details
      • Link to the candidate resume
    • Once approved, the Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Specialist will communicate with the Hiring Manager to start offer negotiation process. The tentative offer is contingent on a background check and degree verification. The offer can be updated/changed depending on the outcome of negotiations. At that point the Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Specialist can re-send the offer for approval.

5) Hire

The candidate has accepted the tentative offer as well as a request to complete additional information so a background check can be conducted. In addition, Talent Acquisition will ensure all other candidates receive a communication that they are no longer being considered and the position has been filled. The background check will be initiated automatically and the Hiring Manager will be notified once the checks have cleared.

6) Onboard

During the Onboarding phase the new employee will receive a series of communications to ensure they are prepared, and feel welcome, engaged and motivated upon their arrival at Boise State. The supervisor will also receive some communication to help prepare for the new employee to start on their first day. The onboarding communications for a new hire or rehired employee will be delivered over several months. Please visit the onboarding page for a complete description of the onboarding process.