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Standard Operating Procedures A-Z

Action Definitions
Adjunct Faculty Credits to Standard Hours Conversion Table (pdf)
Adjunct Step Rates (pdf)
Background Check
Benefits, PERSI, and ACA Eligibility
Business Manager Self Service
Camps/Summer Programs
Calendar – Holiday and Paydays Calendar 2018 (pdf)
Calendar – Processing Calendar for FY18, FY19 and FY20 (pdf)
CEC Calendar FY2020
Classified Positions-New State Classified Applicant Tracking System
COA Calculator
Compensation and Classification Form
Direct Deposit Form (pdf)
EAF Resource Guide (pdf)
EAF Security Request/Changes
Effective Dates
Employee Access (pdf)
Employee Job Information
Employment Dates
Faculty Descriptions and Titles (pdf)
Form W-4 (pdf)
Fringe Rates
GFDF and Grant Management Forms
Goodwill Payroll Deduction (pdf)
Goodwill Request (pdf)
Graduate Assistantships Payroll FAQs (pdf)
Hiring Guidelines Non-Exempt vs Exempt
Holiday – Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Holiday – Independence Day
Holiday – Labor Day
Holiday – Martin Luther King, Jr / Idaho Human Rights Day
Holiday – Memorial Day
Holiday – New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
Holiday – President’s Day
Holiday – Thanksgiving and the Day After Thanksgiving
Holiday Schedule FY2019
I-9 Form and Instructions
Independent Contractor Online Checklist
Jury Duty (pdf)
Letter of Appointment (pdf)
Letter of Appointment Dates (pdf)
Mobile Communication Agreement
Payroll – 2018 – 2019 Payroll Schedule
Payroll – Comp Time Cycle
Payroll – Direct Deposit and Paychecks
Payroll – Due Dates Calendar
Payroll – FAQs
Payroll – Funding Source Changes (pdf)
Payroll – Google Calendar Add-on for Reminders
Payroll – Hours Worked and Rounding (pdf)
Payroll – Log In and Time Entry Overview (pdf)
Payroll – On Call & Call Back (pdf)
Payroll – Overtime to Accrue Comp Time (pdf)
Payroll – Overtime to be Paid (pdf)
Payroll – Paystub Guide (pdf)
Payroll – Shift Work and Holiday Pay (pdf)
Payroll – Time Sheet (paper) & Time Reporting Codes (xlxs)
Performance Evaluation Forms
Personnel File Guide (pdf)
Student Employee Change Form
Supervisor – Accessing your Employees – Access all of your employees or sub-groups
Supervisor – Approving Time and Leave Hours (pdf)
Supervisor – Report Time & Making ChangesReport time for your employee or correct hours submitted -(pdf)
Supervisor/Manager Self Service – Employee Info
Supervisor – View TimeSee if time has already been approved or time that has been submitted before -(pdf)
Supplemental Pay Guidelines (pdf)
Taleo – Approval Workflow Matrix
Taleo – Creating and Submitting a Requisition in Taleo (Video)
Taleo – Creating and Submitting a Taleo Requisition (pdf)
Taleo – Requisition Standard Approval Workflow Guide (pdf)
Taleo – Reviewing and Approving or Rejecting a Taleo Requisition by Email (pdf)
Taleo – Reviewing and Approving or Rejecting a Taleo Requisition by Tasks List (pdf)
Taleo – Transcript of Creating and Submitting a Requisition in Taleo video transcript
Taleo Requisition
Telecommuting Form
Timesheet (xlsx)
Travel Time for Day Travel (pdf)
Travel Time for Overnight Travel (pdf)
University Forms and Documents
Visitor/Affiliate Form
Voluntary Payroll Deductions
W-2 and W-4
Work Study Dates 2018 – Student Employees (pdf)