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Human Resources Online News

Human Resources Online News March 2017

Message from AVP Jay Stephens for March 2017 | What’s Next in March – Human Resources is Moving | Benefits Fair | March Welcome – New to Human Resources | March Employee Benefit Spotlight | March Payroll Pointers and Operations and Processing | Employee Learning and Organizational Development | March Training and Events

Jay Stephens

A Message from

I currently serve on the Western Region Board of Directors for CUPA-HR (College and University Professional Association for Human Resources). One of my duties on the board is planning our annual Western Region Learning Symposium which occurs each March. I had the privilege of attending that conference and during it I had a very profound experience I think illustrates the importance of the work of our recently appointed Commission on Diversity and Inclusion, co-chaired by Gayla Thomas-Dabney and Donna Llewellyn.

I was attending a presentation on the CUPA HR’s “Creating Inclusive Communities” project by Adam Mastoon, a wonderful photographer and storyteller who created the concept for the project and shot the photos. In his presentation, Adam talked about why our stories are so important. He shared his own story in a very personal and powerful way. He then asked all of us in the audience to pair up and participate in an exercise. I know I am in HR and as a result everyone assumes all HR people love exercises in meetings and training. I do not. By nature I am somewhat of an introvert.

I looked across the large conference hall and saw a gentleman seated alone. I got up, walked the hundred or so feet to the other side of the room and said, “Well I am all alone and it looks like you are too so would you like to pair up?” He invited me to sit down. Adam told us each to take five minutes to tell the other person, “If you really knew me you would know…” I went first and talked about my childhood, things that have influenced me and who I am. I tend to be a fairly private person, I don’t do Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I was surprised how much I shared with a total stranger. I was surprised how much he shared with me. We had so many differences, yet we shared so much in common. When the exercise concluded, we shared a hug and I walked away with a stronger sense of what real inclusion is. He and I have so much that is different, yet we understood, honored and genuinely cared about a complete stranger we had just met five minutes earlier.



Human Resources is Moving

HR is moving map
On April 24th you can visit us at our new location in Capitol Village, next to Campus Security and Police Services on University Drive. It’s not far, check out the map below. Everyone in Human Resources is moving which includes Payroll, Benefits and Employee Learning & Development and the classroom space. In fact, the ELD classroom will be upgraded and outfitted with new equipment for training.

Benefits Fair


Friday, April 28, 2017 – 10am – 2pm
Student Union Building – Jordan Ballroom
Come take a closer look at all the benefits offered through Boise State

Flyers advertising the event will be sent to all Benefit Eligible employees in April.




Tiffany Widman – Personnel Technician

Tiffany has 17 years of experience in HR, Payroll, AP and AR from her employment with Lippert Components and Pendleton Underground Tours. She recently moved to Boise and plans to return to school this fall to complete her Bachelor’s degree. She loves everything nature related and always looks forward to camping season. Tiffany is a floater in HR and you will find her working the front desk as well as assisting in Benefits, Payroll and Operations. Contact her at

Timothy Roemer – Personnel Technician

Before coming to HR Tim worked for Boise State in Facilities Operation and Maintenance. He earned an EMT-B license in 2016 and is currently finishing his Associate Degree in Science. During his off time he enjoys archery, writing and programming. In his new role Tim will manage the telecommute process and his skills will be put to good use learning the other systems and processes we use.



Kick Butts

Smoking Cessation Programs

In recognition of Kick Butts Day, our spotlight for March is on Smoking Cessation Programs and tobacco quit aids that are covered by the Blue Cross of Idaho medical plan. The Blue Cross Health plans include pharmaceutical quit aids to nicotine/tobacco users who are enrolled in a cessation program for a $10 copayment.

For more information about the Smoking Cessation and Healthy Lifestyle, please visit the Blue Cross of Idaho webpage or call them at 208/331-8897.

Smoke Free Campus

Reminder: Boise State is a Smoke Free Campus

For the health of our community, Boise State University is smoke-free. The smoke-free policy (#9110) covers all university-owned or controlled buildings, property, vehicles and parking lots, the Friendship Bridge and Greenbelt section adjacent to campus.

Faculty, staff and students have a collective responsibility to promote the safety and health of the campus community and therefore share in the responsibility of enforcement. Those caught smoking any tobacco product or any other substance, whether contained in a cigarette, cigar, pipe or any other object on campus property, will receive a $15 citation from Campus Security and Police Services.


Time and Labor How to


Hello Supervisors!

Do you ever log into Time and Labor to approve time and can’t see your employees? This could be because your supervisor already approved them! Note: Every supervisor can see their direct reports and their direct report’s direct report. This means your supervisor may have already approved by mistake. Here is how you can find out:
In PeopleSoft Time and Labor:
Manager Self Service > Time Management > View Time > Payable Time Detail
Access your employee and click on the Task Reporting Elements tab to expand the information.
Time and Labor Resources

Employee Processing resources


It’s very important to submit a Telecommute Short Form for any of your employees who are working out of state. This form is not just for an Adjunct teaching an on-line course, but should also be used for a graduate assistant or a researcher working on a project temporarily, for example. If it is over one month then we need a form! This protects both the employee and the university when it comes to Workers Comp, DOL and multiple state tax regulations. Forms need to be resubmitted every year and more often if the employee moves to a new location. Find the form here. Contact if you have questions.


Employee Learning and Organizational Development Services

Employee Learning and Organizational Development

Employee Learning and Organizational Development programs are created to support the professional and personal goals of all employees – for every career stage.

The program’s contributions to the University’s plan and mission include training, resources and individual or group coaching which assists leaders, faculty and staff to master and better utilize tools and processes, improving team effectiveness, transformative thinking, risk taking, change management, problem solving and strategic planning. Through these efforts, faculty and staff receive tools they can use to help drive innovation, engagement and team collaboration to deliver high-quality services to our students and our community.

Contact Jerri Mizrahi or Kip Spittle at 426-1616 for more information on customized training for you!



Register today for one or more of our monthly training classes! All classes are held at Human Resources in the ELD Classroom located in the Campus School Building. PLEASE NOTE: As of April 24, 2017, you can visit us at our new location in Capitol Village.

Benefit Refresher Workshop

“Wow! I’ve been here for years and still learned so much!”

  • Next Class – Thursday, April 6, 1:30pm – 2:30pm
  • Open to Benefit Eligible Employees
  • Great refresher for everyone, it’s a review of the benefits provided through Boise State University.

Payroll Time and Labor Training

“Glad to have the details explained.”
“The trainers were very knowledgeable and fun!”

  • Next Class – Wednesday, April 19, 1:00pm – 2:00pm
  • Learn the steps and best practices on time entry and time approval

Processing For Pay

“Great session, very informative.” “Handouts are great!”

  • Next Class – Thursday, April 13, 10:00am – 11:30am
  • We’ll review how to submit employee hiring and change forms, policies and processes, and where to find the resources you need, or, how to get your employee paid correctly!


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