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End of Employment

Voluntary Resignations

Do you have an employee voluntarily leaving the University?

If so, ensure the employee has completed the following forms:

Prior to the employee’s departure

You will need to complete the following:

Please provide the additional information contained in the link below to your employee:

When you are ready to refill your vacant or soon to be vacant position access the Human Resources Manager page for links to hiring and position reviews.

Involuntary Resignations

For involuntary resignation, please contact Employee Relations at 426-1616 for exit procedures.

Reference Request:

If you receive calls or letters for unemployment claims, employment verifications and/or reference checks, please forward to

When Human Resource Services is contacted for employment verification or reference check from a non-state of Idaho employer, it is the policy of Boise State University to limit the University’s response to: dates of employment, title of position(s) held, classification, salary, and employment status. If your employee would like additional information for prospective employers please have the employee make an appointment with Employment Services to pick up a copy of their performance evaluations by email: or phone: 208/426-1553.