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How to Apply Using Taleo

If you are using an assistive technology; i.e. a screen reader, please read the following before you begin.

  • Some screen readers may read or repeat the title bar headings a couple of times before notifying the end user that they are on the welcome and sign in page.
  • Prior to being able to apply, an end user will need to create an account with a user name and password.
  • As new information is loaded onto the application page, a screen reader may start rereading at the top of the page to allow for new information to be loaded. This could cause a bit of delay in being able to read the whole page. At times the screen reader may read whatever loads first; i.e. may read help info versus what is displaying on the page.
  • There is a sixty minute timeout in the application tool after no activity.
  • More detailed instructions follow on this page to assist with the application process.
  • There are two ways to navigate once an end user is in the application process; 1) use the browser backspace key to navigate back to previous step; and 2) at the end of the application process, Review and Submit, an end user will have an opportunity to edit information provided in any of the 14 steps.

Basic Navigation Before You Begin

  1. After an end user has applied for a job, there is a graphical navigation bar. The navigation bar at the top lists all the steps and contains hyperlinks. If you have completed a step, the text will change from white to orange and you can select any completed step.
  2. Save as Draft: exits end user from submission process. A date will be provided on when job requisition closes.
  3. Sign out after completing submission or save as draft.
  4. Note: for use with a screen reader, the word “enter” will appear in the instructions prior to the name of the link or button to press or click. For screen readers, this denotes to the screen reader that “enter” is a keystroke that can be used to execute a web item like a link or button.

Following are the application steps and instructions on how to apply.

1. Welcome and Sign In

  1. If not signed in, click or press Sign In.
  2. End user prompted to accept Privacy Statement. Click, enter Accept or I Decline.
    1. Note: an end user will have to agree to the Privacy Statement each time they sign in.
  3. Login screen is next
    1. If end user already has an account in Taleo, they can log in with their username and password.
    2. If end user doesn’t have an account, they will be prompted for a new user registration. See Step 2.

2. New User Registration

  1. To register as new user, create a username, password, and provide email address. All of these fields are mandatory.
  2. Username cannot include a space between first name and last name.
  3. Click or press register.
  4. Next, end user prompted to create two security questions which are mandatory.

3. Job Openings

  1. This page lists all job openings.
  2. End user can search on left-hand navigation by posting date, location, job field or category, and job schedule (full time or part time).
  3. Job category examples are: professional, classified, and faculty.
  4. Review list of requisitions and click or press “Requisition Title” to open and view additional information on job requisition.
    1. Hint: to go back to previous page, click or press link, “back to prior page”.
  5. Review information on job requisition.
  6. If interested, click or press on Apply Online button or the Add to My Job Cart button. Add to Job Cart button allows an end user to add all the jobs they are interested in applying for to the job cart for review. An end user can apply for a job from the job cart.

Applying for Job

  1. Once Job Requisition is open, click or press Apply button.
  2. There are 14 Steps to the application process. Please review steps in following table to prepare for completing application. Click or press Save and Continue to navigate to the next step.

Application Steps

Application StepsTitle of StepStep Definition
Step 1Resume/CV UploadUpload resume from a file or manually enter resume.
Step 2Personal InformationSupply legal name, address, and phone number.
Step 3General QuestionsRegarding a prior work status for State of Idaho or for Boise State University, Visa Sponsorship and relatives working at Boise State.
Step 4Job Specific QuestionsRegarding candidate qualifications and preferences.
Step 5EducationComplete name of institutions and degrees.
Step 6Employment HistoryAdditional employment information not filled in by resume upload.
Step 7Certifications and LicensesAdd professional certifications.
Step 8ReferencesRequires three references.
Step 9File AttachmentsHint: Read Tips on right side of screen about file uploads.
Step 10Self-Identification Part 1Questions regarding diversity for affirmative action.
Step 11Self-Identification Part 2Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability.
Step 12Self-Identification Part 3Veteran’s Preference Points.
Step 13eSignatureApplicant certifying that all info on application is true.
Step 14Review and SubmitOpportunity for applicant to review and edit all submitted information.

After completing each step, the end user will have the option to Save and Continue, Save as a Draft, or Quit the application process.

Opening and Completing a Draft Requisition

  1. Sign in to Taleo.
  2. The job requisition that is in draft mode will show a pencil icon next to the Requisition Title and under the Actions column, it will state: Finish Draft Submission.
  3. Click or press on Finish Draft Submission.