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What our Employees Say About Working at Boise State

  • Betty Miller
    Betty Miller

    Online Faculty/Technology Manager
    RN-BS, AGNP and DNP Programs
    School of Nursing

    "My job in the School of Nursing as manager of online faculty and technology is the best job ever and I am proud that our RN-BS program is the largest online program at the university. Our team values high touch in a high tech environment for both online students and faculty. This approach fosters humanity in the relationships we build within our programs and across campus. ”
    Betty Miller

  • Ernest M. Rivera, Jr.
    Ernest M. Rivera, Jr.

    Paint Supervisor
    Facilities Operations and Maintenance

    "I welcome a challenge; and Boise State offers opportunities to continually contribute to its growth and standards of excellence. Working at Boise State, I am empowered to promote and lead change working with my colleagues, my staff, and with the students contributing to Boise State’s growth as a research university of distinction.”
    Ernest M. Rivera, Jr.

  • Jeremiah Shinn
    Jeremiah Shinn

    Associate Vice President of Student Affairs

    "As a first-generation college student, higher education was both earth-shattering and transformative for me. As an educator, I am fully invested in fostering transformative experiences and environments that provide college students with the space to become the best possible version of themselves. At its core, Boise State is a place where we can challenge, push and think different, and our students are the beneficiaries. I love working with smart, talented and passionate students and I love serving them alongside smart, talented and passionate colleagues. This is why I love working at Boise State."
    Jeremiah Shinn

  • Amy Vecchione
    Amy Vecchione

    Head of Web and Emerging Technology Unit
    Associate Professor
    Albertsons Library

    “In my job, I get to work with a lot of units and departments across campus helping students and faculty solve problems. We create knowledge not just consume it; and in the process I love that I can foster student success and empowerment by creating a community of learning that directly impacts their success as a student and their success as they enter the workplace.
    I feel like I am the luckiest person on the campus to do what I do, work where I work; fostering an interdisciplinary community at Boise State University.”
    Amy Vecchione

  • Martha Plascencia
    Martha Plascencia

    Administrative Assistant
    Institutional Research

    “Education is very important to me. Working for Boise State, I am able to further my educational goal to pursue my masters and I am able to do this due to the fee waiver benefit and the flexibility and support I receive from my leadership team. I value that flexibility to keep improving myself. Being a lifelong learner is a passion and it also helps me be able to relate to our students as I am experiencing what they are experiencing. My ultimate goal, to teach, of course!”
    Martha Plascencia