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2019 CEC Preliminary Info

2019 CEC Preliminary Info

April 2019

It’s CEC Time Again!

The State of Idaho Legislature has appropriated funding for a Change in Employee Compensation (CEC) for the Fiscal Year 2020. Anyone who was an active and benefit-eligible employee on March 15, 2019, is eligible. There are three components to the appropriation of funds this year:

An increase of no less than $550 to the employee’s annual salary.
A distribution matrix will use a performance evaluation rating and compensation compare ratio to determine a performance-based increase.
There will be an upward adjustment to pay grades. Any employee that falls below the new minimum will receive a rate adjustment to bring them to the new minimum rate.

To be eligible for a performance-based pay increase, the employee must have a performance evaluation rating of “Achieves Performance Standard” (1 rating), or better. In addition, employees must complete the statewide mandatory cybersecurity training before the CEC plan becomes effective.

CEC increases will take effect beginning with the pay period begin date of:
Classified – June 16
Professional – June 30
Faculty – July 28

Currently, the CEC and Compensation Initiatives for FY20 are in the analysis and approval process. In the next few weeks, after those approvals are finalized more communication will follow.

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