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What Could Improve the Boise State Welcome Experience? Welcome Packets!

What Could Improve the Boise State Welcome Experience? Welcome Packets!

March 2019

Take a trip down memory lane. Think back to your first day at Boise State. What were you thinking and feeling? Hopefully, you experienced a fair amount of excitement and were welcomed to your new position with smiles and enthusiasm. Hopefully, you were not overwhelmed with concerns over where to park, the names of buildings or what the Boise State dress code said you should wear!

In HR we are aware that the first days on the job hold a certain amount of uncertainty and confusion. As we continue to improve the Boise State New Employee experience, we recognize that there is some information that is critical to have in hand on day one. And so we got to work! Over the last several years we have worked to demystify many of the new employee tricks and tips in our ONE Boise State: Orientation for New Employees. More recently, we collaborated with the Brand Committee and Printing and Graphics to bring to campus a Welcome Packet for new employees.

We are Broncos- Welcome packetsArmed with this newly developed Welcome Packet, employees receive a break down of important information that every new employee to Boise State needs and wants to know. From parking to benefits to amenities, we aimed to create a road map that sets our new folks up for success from day one. Welcome packets are available at the front desk at HR for all new employees coming in to complete their pre-hire paperwork and will be presented to new employees attending ONE Boise State.

We will continue our work to improve the overall Employee Experience, focusing further on the Welcome Experience. If you would like to be a campus partner in assisting us to evaluate the current and future state of the Boise State Welcome Experience, please send us an email at

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