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People Strategy 2019 Listening Tour

People Strategy 2019 Listening Tour

March 2019

Want a statistic that will blow your mind? Gallup polling of employees across the nation shows that only 30% feel engaged in their current workplace. Gallup data also shows that 51% of employees are actively looking for a new job or watching for new job openings. These numbers are surprising and disheartening, but we can do something about them in our organization.

Here at Boise State we are used to following our own path and bucking the trend. To that end, we in Human Resources (HR) are partnering with you to embody and grow employee engagement at Boise State. From our view, we all want to work at a place that values all people and where everyone’s daily work is meaningful.

In order to improve our workplace, we need to figure out what our employee engagement baseline is. We are prepping a Listening Tour that will include a brief 10-minute climate survey and a series of fun, interactive focus groups. Our plan is to run the survey and focus groups at the same time, kicking off on March 25th and running through April 5th. We appreciate that this is a busy time of year. However, participation is critical in supplying us with the data we need to identify where our organization has the most room to improve and grow. Stay tuned, keep an eye out for this survey and an invitation to a focus group and please let your voice be heard.

Once the results are gathered, this information will be shared with campus along with a set of “to dos” of how to make Boise State an even better place to work.

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