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Update to HR Website: New Landing Page

Update to HR Website: New Landing Page

January 2019

HR has made a lot of changes over the last year. One change we have been striving toward is making sure our communication with campus is the best it can be. As part of that goal, you may have noticed that we have revamped our HR Landing Page. On this page, we now have direct links to our HR Standard Operating Procedures, Performance Evaluation Information, Boise State’s Policy Handbooks, the HR Communication Blog and so much more!

While HR has yet to transition to the new Boise State web layout. We are making strides toward improving our website’s content, flow and accessibility. Over the next several months, be on the lookout for cleaner pages, more direct access to information and generally better usability on HR webpages.

Thank you for your patience with us as we do our best to make sure every visit to the Boise State HR website is productive and comprehensive.

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