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Remember To Do Background Checks When Hiring Adjuncts

Remember To Do Background Checks When Hiring Adjuncts

Boise State Way of Hiring

January 2019

When hiring an adjunct, timing is everything! Any verbal or written offer must be made “contingent upon the successful completion of a background check.” If your are hiring a new adjunct or a returning adjunct, please submit the background check request form to comply with the university’s hiring requirements.

Background check results can take up to 10 business days after the adjunct electronically consents. Based on the results of the background check, you will be notified when an offer can be finalized via the Letter of Appointment (LOA) to process the hire.

If you anticipate hiring a large group of adjuncts, please contact the Talent Acquisition team at to inquire about a Google Sheet for your department.

For more details on the adjunct hiring process, please visit our website:

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