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Getting to Know Campus Community: How We Show Appreciation with Housing, Campus Services and HR

Getting to Know Campus Community: How We Show Appreciation with Housing, Campus Services and HR

What does a focus on citizenship and appreciation build? Community.

Our campus is alive with a mix of diverse and intersecting communities. Many groups on campus have unique and fun ways that they highlight their colleagues’ hard work. By sharing and recognizing the work of others, we can learn and grow as a larger community and continue to do great work to support the ambitions and endeavors of our student population. These different departments share how they show appreciation within their teams.

Housing: Cheers for Peers

Brandi SteeleBrandy Steele has been working for Housing and Residence Life for just over six months as a customer service representative. Her days are spent fielding questions, sharing information, creating order out of chaos and enriching the lives of her peers. Housing sends out a business email each morning detailing daily logistics. They end the email with a quick fun fact. Brandy saw this as an opportunity to include a section thanking employees for their work throughout the week. They dubbed the section “Cheers for Peers.” After creating a full list of department employees, she went to work gathering positive quotes and accolades for these colleagues. Cheer for Peers helps ensure the amazing work being done in Housing is both recognized and celebrated by the whole team.

“I couldn’t do it without the participation, without people being willing to share with me these great quotes and positive notes.” – Brandy Steele, Housing and Residence Life

Bronco Shop: Bronco Brilliant

Sierra Holder is the Promotions Coordinator for the Boise State Bronco Shop. She established the Bronco Brilliant appreciation initiative in 2016. She adapted the idea from her previous work with the YMCA and launched this program within the Campus Services team. Staff are encouraged to recognize peers and student employees with handwritten Bronco Brilliant note cards. No matter how big or small, all notes of appreciation are encouraged throughout the Campus Services team. Student staff recipients of these cards are entered into a monthly drawing, and are acknowledged and celebrated by other department members. Bronco Brilliant has grown and is leveraged throughout other Campus Operations departments.

“It takes a few minutes out of your day to write a card for someone and it’ll make their day. I encourage people to keep them and bring them out on down days to remind yourself and get that boost you need to get back in the game.” – Sierra Holder, Bronco Shop

Human Resources: Kudos Korner

KudosA small group of people in HR decided that they wanted a better way to share their appreciation for their coworkers. They wanted to keep it simple, but make sure to publicly acknowledge their peers. They created a Kudos Korner bulletin board. Anytime someone wants to share a moment of thanks or spotlight accomplishments, they write a quick note that is pinned to the board. These Kudos are read aloud at HR’s monthly all-hands meetings to share celebration for hard work and genuine thanks from the team. Monthly drawings are done for Kudos recipients, and the winner gets to host the traveling trophy in their workstation for that month.

Boise State is a student-driven organization. A focus on employees and appreciation translates to engagement of students. If you are looking for more fun and engaging ways to show staff appreciation check out this list by Snacknation.

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