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Sick and Annual Leave

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Sick Leave

Benefit-eligible employees who work at least half-time, whose jobs are expected to last five months or longer, accrue sick leave at the rate of .0462 an hour for each hour worked. This is equivalent to 3.7 hours biweekly for full-time service. Leave accumulation for half-time but less than full-time service is accrued proportionately. Sick leave may be used for personal illness, illness of an immediate family member, doctor’s appointments, or for bereavement leave. Employees are responsible for notifying their supervisor of their absence needs promptly, and for recording their absence in the Time & Labor system through my.BoiseState, per University policy. Further information concerning sick leave for the various employee classifications, including the circumstances that warrant the taking of sick leave, may be found in Boise State Policies 7260 (faculty), 7290 (professional), and 7360-under review (classified).

Annual Leave

Annual Leave (paid vacation leave) is accrued by benefit-eligible employees, depending on their employment classification. Leave accumulation for half-time but less than full-time service is accrued proportionately. Faculty employees do not accrue annual leave. Further information concerning annual leave for the various employee classifications may be found in Boise State Policies 4410 (faculty), 7290 (professional), and 7380 under review(classified).

Academic Year Faculty
Faculty employees with academic year appointments that are less than 12 months do not accrue annual leave, as they are expected to take leave during breaks in the academic cycle.

Twelve-month Faculty and Professional Salaried Employees
Employees in these groups who are on 12-month appointments accrue annual leave at the rate of .0924 per hour, or 7.4 hours biweekly, and may accumulate up to a maximum of 240 hours.

Classified Employees, and Hourly Professional Staff
Classified employees and hourly professional staff (who are overtime eligible and report time for hours worked), who work at least half-time for five months or longer, earn leave based on hours worked and years of service. Accumulated hours increase as the years and hours of service increase. Please reference the table above for details of the classified and hourly professional staff leave schedule.

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