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Open Enrollment FY19

The FY19 Open Enrollment period is April 30 – May 18

Open Enrollment is the time that employees may update their Medical Plan and add dependents to their Dental Coverage by completing the FY2019 Open Enrollment Choice Card.

  • Change Medical Plan Type election. Such as switching from Traditional to PPO.
  • Enroll dependents to Dental coverage. For employees that have enrolled dependents to the medical, but previously declined dental for dependents.
  • Premium Only Plan. This is the only time that employees may change their medical/dental premium deductions from post-tax to pre-tax (or vice versa) without a qualifying event.

Due to increasing costs of health care, the Medical and Dental Insurance premiums will increase for FY2019, effective the 6/01/18 paycheck. Please click on link for the FY19 health insurance rates. Because of this rate increase, the State of Idaho has approved a two-month health insurance holiday. The premium holidays, will occur in November and December 2018.

In order to participate in the Flexible Spending Health and/or Dependent Care Accounts (FSA), you must complete the FY19 Navia FSA enrollment form. Enrollment is not automatic. Based on IRS regulations, you are required to enroll each year that you want to participate in a Flexible Spending plan.

    To ensure that your Navia FSA form is accepted without delays:

  • Is the printed information legible? Please write legibly to ensure proper processing. You may also type the information into the form. Be sure to sign the form; we cannot accept electronic or facsimile signatures.
  • Is your address complete? Number, Street, City, State and Zip Code
  • The Benefit Effective Date is 7/01/18
  • The Agency is Boise State University
  • You can find your Hire Date through the PeopleSoft Self-Service:
    • Log-in to “”.
    • Select “Employee”.
    • Under Services, click on “PeopleSoft”.
    • Click on “Human Resources”.
    • Under Benefits, click on “Benefits Summary”.
    • Then click on “Related Content” in the upper right hand corner of the screen for your Last Start Date.

There are 26 pay periods in the 2019 fiscal year. To assist in determining the amounts that you would like deducted for your Flexible Spending Accounts, two calculators are provided.
Click on link for the Flex Spending Calculators.

ARAG Group Legal Plan

Existing employees can enroll or cancel their ARAG coverage during open enrollment.
Enrollment into the ARAG Legal Plan is done online through their website,, access code is 15481bsu. Additional information is available on the web at:, or by calling ARAG at 1-800-247-4184.


You may email, fax or mail the form, but choose one method only. If you email or fax the form to us, please do not mail the original. This duplicates the process and creates additional work and possible delays on our end.
Fax: 208/426-3100
Mail: HR Benefits – Mail Stop 1265

All forms must be received in the HR/Benefits office by May 18; please consider this if you intend to mail the forms.
No exceptions can be made for those who miss the May 18 enrollment deadline.

Open Enrollment Q&A

What if I don’t want to make any changes to my health benefits or enroll in the FSA?

If you are NOT making any of the changes listed above or enrolling in flexible spending, there is no action you need to take during open enrollment. Your benefits will remain the same.

How can I tell what I’ve been contributing to my FSA account last year?

Your paycheck stub will reflect the amount per paycheck and the Benefit Summary through the PeopleSoft Self-Service reflects the annual amount. You can find this information by following the navigation below:

  • Log-in to “”.
  • Select “Employee”.
  • Under Services, click on “PeopleSoft”.
  • Click on “Human Resources”.
  • Under Benefits, click on “Benefits Summary”.
I have a balance in my FSA account. What will happen to that?

The IRS allows employees to rollover up to $500 of unused funds from their Health FSA Account from one year to another. You are not required to enroll in the Flexible Spending for FY19 deductions in order to access the rolled over funds from FY18. The funds that are rolled over from the prior year will be available after 10/31/18.

All the money in the Dependent Care Spending Accounts each year must be exhausted. Any money remaining at the end of the year cannot be carried over and it is forfeited. “Use it or lose it”

Can I use the funds in my Dependent Care FSA for out of pocket medical expenses?

No. Both accounts must be treated separately. Funds cannot be transferred from one account to the other.

Can I enroll in the FSA if I am not enrolled in the Health Benefits through Boise State?

Yes. You and your dependents do not need to be enrolled in the medical plan through Boise State to enroll in the FSA.

Is Open Enrollment the only time I can add my dependents to my coverage?

You may add or remove dependents to your health coverage at any time. Their effective date would be as of the first of the month following the receipt if the Blue Cross Enrollment form. However, if you had enrolled your dependents to your medical, but declined to add them to the dental, Open Enrollment is the only time that you can add the family members to the Dental Plan.

When can I change my beneficiaries for my Life Insurance?

You may update your beneficiaries for your Basic and Voluntary Term Life Insurance at any time. Forms are found on the webpage.

Additional information regarding the Health, Life, Retirement, and Flexible Spending Accounts can be found on the Employee Benefits website.