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Faculty Leave for Birth/Adoption and Workload Release Plan

Boise State grants eligible faculty, 6 weeks of paid time off for birth or adoption. The time must be used concurrently with the FMLA in order for the time away from work to be job/benefits protected.


Applies to all full-time faculty who teach, including tenured and tenure-track faculty, librarians, clinical faculty, research faculty, lecturers, and instructors. Does not apply to non-teaching administrative faculty.

How to Apply

Step 1. Complete the Faculty Leave for Birth/Adoption and Workload Release Plan

Once submitted, the form will automatically upload to the Benefits department.

Step 2. Work with department and Dean to determine a Workload Release schedule. Submit the agreed upon responsibilities and Workload Release schedule to the Provost Office. Once approved please scan and email to or through campus mail, HR-Tiffany Widman Mail Stop 1265.


The Parental Leave will automatically pay you for 6 weeks. If taking additional time beyond the 6 weeks provided, employees may use accrued sick leave, vacation leave to receive pay during their approved FMLA absence. If all sick and vacation leave are exhausted, the employee may apply for Shared Leave.


Policies and Resources:

Faculty Parental Leave Policy 7265
Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Boise State University Policy 7230
Shared Leave Policy 7220