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E-Learning Now Available for all Faculty and Staff

E-Learning Now Available for all Faculty and Staff

Human Resource Services Employee Learning and Development (formerly Training and Development) has partnered with SkillSoft and Books 24/7 to provide all faculty and staff online instruction and access to the latest books delivered efficiently to your desk top allowing you to take advantage of developmental resources anytime regardless of your location and at no charge.

SkillSoft offers a comprehensive catalog of more than 800 courses. These courses offer employees a wide variety of educational opportunities designed to enhance critical business and software skills. The following courses and resources are available:

Business Strategy
Human Resources
Administration Solutions
Management and Leadership
Professional Effectiveness
Project Effectiveness
Customer Service
Desktop Computer Skills
Office Essentials
Legal Compliance

To participate, log on at Log in using your employee ID number and “welcome” as your temporary password. For additional information, you can also visit the Employee Learning and Development website at:

*Important note* Be sure to change your password after your first log-in by clicking on Customize at the top of the SkillPort Home Page and then Update Your User Profile link.

Boise State University is committed to continuing professional education and development for every employee, and it is our expectation that these courses will enhance your personal growth while at the same time create value for our university.

For general questions, contact Jerri Mizrahi, Employee Learning & Development Manager, at 426-4418 or Angie Zirschky at 426-2936.

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